Vattera Twin Hammer and Axial Scx10’s Creek Run

Check out Idaho Rock Crawling page: Just doing some wheeling with some club members. This truck is awesome! its the prefect high speed, then when in low it crawls over anything!!

Title: Vattera Twin Hammer and Axial Scx10’s Creek Run

Duration: 4:16

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Category: Axial SCX10 Videos

Added on: February 18th, 2013

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  1. By: thor777mx

    thanks man!:)

  2. By: thor777mx

    That would be cool, but dont you think the wraith axle will be to long? I would just do the scx10 axle with vanquish aluminum housing.

  3. By: thor777mx

    well guess your doing wraith axles:P

  4. By: 450hp202turbo

    terry buggy is wide way wider then a scx-10

  5. By: thor777mx

    haha glad you enjoyed it:)

  6. By: thor777mx

    thanks, and well do:)

  7. By: thor777mx

    haha okay;) well if you decide to do it, its going to be pretty cool!

  8. By: 450hp202turbo

    well will see .
    i could always put a 4 link live axle under the terra buggy with wraith axle

  9. By: thor777mx

    thanks man! o trust me I am;)

  10. By: 450hp202turbo

    if i get serious about it i let you know what suits the wheelbase best
    i have both trucks here . to lazy to check



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